One of the most beautiful
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Kołobrzeg and the coastal area

The Baltic Sea resort


A port city with an interesting history


Kołobrzeg is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities of Western Pomerania. Exactly in 1000, King Bolesław the Brave founded a bishopric here – since then, the period of splendor and development of the resort began. The remains of historical events are perfectly preserved monuments.

But Kołobrzeg is first and foremost a well-known and appreciated health resort. Thanks to the unique microclimate rich in iodine, rich deposits of mud and brine, and a wonderful seaside location, it is the perfect place for all those who want a healthy rest.

Kołobrzeg, ul. Morska 1


Standing at the entrance to the port, the lighthouse first lit up in 1666. The tower was reconstructed several times and currently has 26m, and its light can be seen from almost 30km. The lighthouse is open to visitors – you can admire not only the Baltic Sea, but also the beautiful panorama of Kołobrzeg.

Bike trail R-10

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15 km

From Kołobrzeg to Dźwirzyno (15 km)

The route begins in the Jedności Narodowej historic park in the Western part of the city of Kołobrzeg. The bicycle path runs through picturesque forests along the Baltic coast to Dźwirzyno. It leads through former military areas, away from the city noise, so you can fully enjoy the ride.

12 km

From Kołobrzeg to Ustronie Morskie (12 km)

The cycling route from Kołobrzeg Eastwards goes through the seaside Eastern Ecopark (Solne Bagno). This route will delight not only nature lovers. Traveling through it, it is difficult not to succumb to the charm of nature’s riches. Numerous swamps remind us of the virginity of this large forest complex. Then the path runs picturesquely above the sea, all the way to the Kołobrzeg Forest.

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The Baltic resort waiting to be discovered

Kolobrzeg is a charming place and a good address for all lovers of recreation on the Baltic Sea, regardless of age